10 Ways to come up with Blog Topics


Are you stuck in a rut  for your next blog article or are you always looking to find new ideas to write about? You are not the only one that is facing blogger’s block. Many bloggers hit a creativity dry spell when it comes to curating interesting content for their blog on a consistent basis. Tackle the problem head-on by trying some novel ways to get the ideas rolling.

Here are 10 strategies to try when brainstorming your next blog post:
1. Review a product.

2. Read a relevant trade magazine to tap into what everyone is talking about in the industry.

3. Get granular. Take a broad topic you have written about and expand on a smaller aspect of it.

4. Cover the pros and cons of a specific aspect of your industry.

5. Read other blogs for new inspiration.

6. Ask yourself “What is one problem that my readers are facing and how can I fix it?”

7. Think broadly. As we work to touch on every aspect of our business, we often forget the bigger picture. Tap into it for new ideas.

8. Correlate a current event to a topic that is relevant to your readers.

9. Share a personal story that your audience can relate to.

10. Interview another blogger or expert in the industry.

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