Social Media for Local Businesses



As social media continues to change the way people communicate, it has become an increasingly important tool for small, local businesses. Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn aren’t going away. While many social media platforms began as a way to connect friends and family, it’s become the norm for all types of business to have some sort of social media presence.

In today’s connected world, customers research purchases online and seek recommendations from friends and family. So, it’s in the best interest of small businesses to have a vibrant and interactive social media presence.

Quality beats quantity.

As a general rule of thumb of what and when to post, remember this: Quality always beats quantity.

Remember that customers shop at small businesses for value. Try to be fully transparent. Don’t be afraid to have a personality online and use social media as a way to build relationships.

Focus on community.

Social media marketing can widen your reach, help you engage more audience and create more fans. But social media isn’t like traditional advertising where you put a message out into the world and hope someone responds. It’s more conversational and centered around the idea of a community.

Remember that conversations are two-way street. Make sure you’re replying to people who interact with you on social media. Engage with strong social influencers, such as bloggers that your customers read or individuals with robust followings. Engaging the online community is core to social media and one of the keys to your success.

Repeat what worked.

If you come across trends that work, don’t be afraid to recycle and reuse. If your social media efforts were successful, repeat the steps you took to do it again. It’s that simple! And if something doesn’t work, try something else. Just keep in mind, if you incorporate a Facebook ad that didn’t work, for example, don’t ditch the idea of advertising on social media. Try it again, redefining your audience or the amount of your investment.

Social media is a marketing tool that is becoming more and more important for businesses of all sizes. It’s unique in that it can heighten a company’s visibility, broaden reach and engage current and future customers in a conversational way.